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KAMS Fit Wear Company

KAMS is a UK based fitness company, at its early stages of start up. Everything design for a market and audience that is in search of a reliable yet affordable fit wear attire; from hoodies to leggings. These clients had a clear and specific vision for the company, with a promise to provide comfortable and affordable active wear to their consumers. The development of its visual identity started as a logo design hire, but grew into a bespoke brand strategy and visual content creation.


Brand Strategy & Identity, Logo Design, Print & Web Design


KAMS Fitwear


"Bold"  "Clean" & "Block" was the subjective aesthetic implemented into every decision for KAMS. 

The typography and logo had to represent this. Black and White was the primary color choice for KAMS. The rainbow colored logo, was specifically designed for pride month.

"Fits Wear it Matters."

A bold tagline that speaks to comfort with a play on words. 

KAMS visual branding uses multiple different design elements to communicate these ideas and add greater meaning than words alone can create. Below are KAMS products designs.

Web shot.jpg
Screen Shot 2020-07-24 at 10.20.47

Web & Mobile

Simply trendy, with the primary colors of black and white. Earth tones and choice of photography for a streamline of visual harmony. 


Tags & Cards

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