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The Ones Before

TV Pilot

Writing Partner; Oluwaseun Olowo-Ake


Excerpt from script below.

For full access to script OR to know more about project please contact me.

Growing up in Nigeria in a time where you received less prejudice if you appeared more ‘foreign’ than ‘local’ impacted our perception of ourselves as Nigerians. This is why we created this series, as an ode to our culture.


How amazing would it be to show the world a slice of Africa, in all its glory and complexities, under the blanket of our Nigerian folktales and belief systems? An epic collision of pre-colonial realism, cultural superstition, and mythological fantasy; where melanated traditional rulers are major performers in the political dance, private parts actually disappear in occult practices, and black giants walk the red sand earth.


Yes. Giants… Nigeria… “The Giant of Africa”... Get it?


Movies like Black Panther and The Woman King have now successfully paved the way for stories about Africa in the mainstream. With this series, we’re taking that momentum and bringing this African story to your TV screen, something we’ve never seen done before. A story told through the authentic voice of two Nigerian women; one Igbo and one Yoruba.


This isn’t us rewriting the past, it’s us responding to it through the lens of fiction.


So now, immerse yourself in the world of Alkebulan, an ancient name of Kemetic origin once used by our ancestors to refer to our land, meaning: Mother of mankind, Garden of Eden, and…


The Ones Before.

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