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Print & Art Illustration

A collection of latest book cover designs projects for clients. 


Exhibition, Print & Book Design.


1. My Pearl, 2. LickOn, 

3. Origin



My Pearl is a novel that revolved around a film titled Written Words.

The intention for this book was to not only convey the content in the book but the content in the film.

The dark tones with a splash of orange was the reoccurring theme, through the film and book. The main character, also the author of the book, Scarlett Reid went through a cathartic experience that was watered with the color Red, through the trauma into a victorious transformation. A coming out.

Orange being one of the dominant colors on the spectrum closest to Red, to visually reveal that transition.

These are images of the book reading event. and the cover in flap book cover print.

The color transitions can be seen during the book reading event. the book cover had to match the room and Scarlet Reid.



A candy, sweet, pink colored book design. One look at this book and you should feel the sugar rush it exudes. A recipe book for sugar confectioners, ice-cream and everything sweet.

Tagline- "When in Doubt Lick On."

telling, if you're not sure what to make/ what to have LickOn's got it all.

book coverrr.jpg


This was a unique project, and the first of it's kind for me. As the cover of the book was hand painted by me. Sometimes the perfect approach to designing an idea, is getting a canvas, some acrylic paint and spray paint and paint away.

Origin is a dark, gothic book. Definitely not for kids.

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