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EON Fragrance Consultancy

Looking for a new fragrance but don’t want the hassle of going into the store, overwhelmed by all the choices. At Eon Fragrance hub, they provide a bespoke perfume consultation service to help customers narrow down fragrance choices by doing the shopping around for you. TAGLINE- "Discover you in a bottle".


Brand Strategy & Identity Architecture. Content Writing & Brand Messaging. Logo Design, Print, Digital & Web


Eon Fragrance Consultancy

EON box copy.jpg

"Earth" "Nude" "Minimalistic".

The two-colored semicircle logo subjectively communicates the type of service consumers will receive at Eon.

Typography- "Apple Chancery” in Chancery. Sleek and easy to read. Straightforward visual and messaging styles.


Web & Mobile

Still under development and construction, Eon Fragrance Consultancy website holds strong to its identity. Without looking at the logo you know without a shadow of doubt that this is EON Fragrance consultancy webpage.

Branding Animation

Eon logo as a perfume bottle.

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